Friyayy spacials

Sandwich Italian chicken pita Pita, capicola, pepperoni, chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo   Salad Salad special: Strawberry, sliced apples and spinach salad. Grilled chicken feta almonds


Cali crunch Turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, croutons and ranc

National grilled cheese day!

Grilled Cheese American, pepperjack and provolone with tomatoes, bacon, and mayo on toasted sourdough.   Soups Minestrone Loaded potato   Salad Buffalo chicken salad


sandwich Buffalo chicken with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and ranch on a toasted tomato basil   Soups Chicken pot pie Minestrone   Salad Strawberries on spinach with almonds, feta, and ranch

Tourist Thursdays

Sandwich Brioche bun with chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, pineapple pepper relish, and bbq sauce.   Soups Minestrone Chicken pot pie New england clam   Salad Spinach with grilled chicken, strawberries, feta, and almonds. Ranch on the side

Turkey tuesday

Sandwich Special Turkey, provolone, spring mix, tomatoes and sweet peppers with italian aioli on ciabatta.   Soups Beef and barley new england clam chowder loaded potato   Salad Grilled chicken on spring mix with grapes, feta, and balsamic dressing

Meltdown monday

Sandwich: Tuna melt with cheddar tomatoes and onions, toasted on sourdough.   Soups Loaded potato Beed barley Lobster bisque   Salad Spring mix with grilled chicken with grapes, feta, and balsamic

Thursday Specials

Sandwich: Grilled chicken with capicola and pepperjack cheese, tomato and italian dressing.   Soups: Libster bisque Loaded potato Beef barley   Salad Turkey on spring mix with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers and a side of ranch

Monday Specials!

Corned Beef reuban and swiss on toasted rye with russian dressing and saurkraut.   Manhattan clam chowder Tomato basil   Ham, pineapple, bacon, onion, cheddar with honey mustard

St pattys dayyy

Corned beef and swiss with russian and saurkraut on toasted rye.   Manhattan clam chowder Tomato basil Loaded potato   Ham on spring mix with pineapples, bacon, onion, and cheddar with a side of honey mustard